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  • Are you insured?
    Yes! I have both professional indemnity & public liability insurance. Although I advertise myself as a laidback totally relaxed guy I take my job seriously and I believe it's important for my couples to know that.
  • How many Photographs will we recieve?
    However many high quality images I can give you that tell the story of your day! Typically this ranges between 500 - 650 but could even be as many as 900! Every day is different. Most images are also delivered in black and white with a small "Sneek Peaks" gallery delivered within 48 hours of the day.
  • Where are you based & do you Travel?
    I Currently live in South Wales and yes I do travel! I am lucky to say my job takes me to all kinds of incredible places and no love story is too far away. I love to explore new places both in the UK and out of it.
  • How many hours does "full day coverage" account for?"
    On a typical day I arrive to birdal prep 2 hours before the ceromony. I will then stay up to and beyond the first dance. If there is a party popping off and banging pictures to be taken then I will be sticking around. Usually I leave right about the same time everyone is too drunk to notice im there. For those of you who need a number it's usually about 9 (But this tottally depends on your day).
  • Do you take formal photos?
    Yes, I do. Although I don't post many of these on social media, I totally understand they are very important pictures to take. I always recomend to keep the total number of group shots less than 8 and approach formal pictures with a bish bash bosh banger approach! A bit of a laugh, quick and simple. This keeps the day flowing and allows more time for everyone to enjoy the day.
  • What is a pre-wedding shoot?
    This is an optional add on photo session usualy lasting 30-60 mins. A great way for us to get to know each other better, have a laugh and get some pictures. These sessions are also a great way you to get comfortable with the camera. Can be at a location of your choice and isn't limited to just the two of you. Feel free to bring pets, children or anything/anyone else.
  • Is travel included?
    Yes it is! I like to keep my pricing and packaging simple and to the point. No hidden costs or surprises. *the only acceptation is destination weddings which will be an added cost.
  • Do you sell albums?
    Yes! Beautilly hand made in the UK with several cover choices these high quality books are the kind of photo albums that your day deserves.
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