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I'm a laid-back guy with an upbeat positive approach to everything. Someone whom you can have a laugh with, more of a friend than a photographer. That makes it easier for you to let your guard down, forget about the camera and worry about the more important aspects of the day (having a bloody good time!). Being a part of your day I want it to be as epic as you imagine if not more. 

My style focuses on capturing moments filled with raw emotion. The barrels of laughter, tears of joy (or sadness), big bear hugs and terrible dance moves. I want your wedding images to reflect everything you feel that day.
 My aim is to capture honest authentic photos without being too involved. The breathing space between me and my subjects gives room for personalities to shine bright.

"Patrick has an amazing gift of capturing the magic of of a day"

When the confetti has settled, the bar is empty and the dancing has finished nothing remains other than memories. Memories that can easily fade over time. Luckily photographs don't. The images created on your day will forever exist as a time capsule to emotions once felt. Take a little look through my wedding blogs and to request a brochure and a full gallery simply contact me here

Patrick Partridge