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Wedding photographer, Patrick Partridge


Born and raised in Stroud, Gloucestershire I am a passionate UK & Destination wedding photographer, based in South Wales, but travelling wherever your story takes me. The further the better!

My photography journey began while living and travelling in Asia, Taiwan to be precise. The more time I spent capturing the people and places I saw, the more I enjoyed it. I basically became obsessed.  Spending the best part of three years travelling and taking photographs was incredible and I believe it shaped me as a human a lot.

What started as a hobby and a bit of fun, soon turned into a passion and developed into a dream of capturing moments and stories that will evoke emotion and hold value over time. I honestly love what I do, I am literally living the dream, and it is such an honour to be able to capture wedding stories of every kind. Freezing memories that can easily fade over time for generations to enjoy and smile at for years to come. My goal is to always create story telling images that will forever exist as a time capsule to emotions once felt. 


To me, life is all about making memories, having incredible experiences and having a laugh, that's pretty much how I navigate this world.  As a result, I want my images to reflect this, images full of emotion that you and your loved ones can cherish for years to come. I want your day to be just as incredible as you imagine and for my images to encapsulate everything you felt on the day. There is no better feeling than producing an image/gallery you know someone is going to always hold close to their heart. It's hard to explain in writing, but I think it's incredible that you can freeze time with an image. A moment that will never happen again, isn't that incredible!?   

I'm a laid-back guy with an upbeat positive approach to everything. Someone whom you can have a laugh with, more of a friend than a photographer (sounds cringey I know but it's just what past couples have said). That makes it easier for you to let your guard down, forget about the camera and worry about the more important aspects of the day (creating unforgettable memories and having a bloody good time!). Being a part of your day I want it to be as epic as you imagine if not more. 

I take inspiration from you, your story and the present moment. My work looks the way it does because I don't mind being a part of the wedding, getting involved, chatting to uncles and dancing with your Nan. But at the same time understand some moments just need a bit of calm and stillness. My balance between breathing space and having a good laugh with everyone is what gives your guests confidence to enjoy being in front of the camera and allow their personalities to shine bright within the images. 

For me, this isn't just about taking beautiful images. It is about curating a visual story of your day, the emotions felt and every meaningful moment that will forever be a lasting memory of your love. 

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