This is me,

Patrick Michael George Partridge

Born and raised in Stroud, Gloucestershire I am a young ambitious wedding photographer.

My photography journey began while living and travelling in Asia. The more time I spent studying and obsessing over photography the more I enjoyed it.  Spending the best part of three years travelling and taking photographs was incredible and I believe it shaped me as a human a lot.

What started as a hobby and a bit of fun, soon turned into a passion and developed into a dream. A dream of documenting lives experiences through still images (and the occasional Instagram video of course). A dream of turning my passion into a full-time job and a dream of capturing moments in time that will prevoke emotion and hold value over time. 



To me, life is all about making memories having incredible experiences and having a laugh, that's pretty much my life motto. I want to produce timeless images that you and your loved ones can cherish for years to come. There is no better feeling than producing an image you know someone is going to always hold close to their heart. It's hard to explain in writing but I think it's incredible that you can freeze time with an image. A moment that will never happen again, isn't that incredible!   

Patrick Partridge