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10 Ways To Level Up Your Wedding

You've booked all the essential/big vendors for your wedding and now your thinking of how you can spice it up a little and add some extra "epicness" to the day (Yes, that's a word I just wrote it). This is list is just some of the many way you can entertain your guests and make your wedding just that little bit better! 1. Photo Booths Because nothing screams I'm having a good time more than your Nan and Gramp wearing oversized glasses with cowboy hats on! Not only a fun thing to do but you end up with some hilarious photos of all your wedding guests. Be sure to contact any of these guys for a fab Photo Booth: Pretty Little Pictures, Candid Photopod Love Booth.

2. A Magician In my opinion the most underrated vendor at a wedding. Book a good one and you will have your guests questioning whether Harry Potter was a documentary. Not only that but the photos you can capture from the reactions are some of my favourites! Richard Parsons & Darren Campbell are two wizards I can recommend.

3. A Live Band Because there isn't a party like a wedding party. And everyone knows to have a party you need some top quality bangers. The energy live music brings is a must at a wedding no matter what the vibe is. That said, having a DJ who can work the crowd, play a variety of music and follow the requests of your drunk bridesmaid is also a great idea! Some great bands or live music options are Tux Fizz, Girl On Sax & What's The Fuss with Kieran Clark being the Dj maestro!

4. Guest Book & Polaroid Similar to the Photo Booth having a polaroid camera at the ready is always a good laugh for your wedding guests! Combine that with your guestbook you get some hilarious selfies and a nice message for keepsakes.

5. Additional Food vendors

Don't just think evening pizza when it comes to additional food vendors. Ice cream vans, waffle bars and even cocktail bars are a great shout too!

6. Singing Waiters Book this as a surprise and I guarantee you will have an epic wedding! I really don't think wedding entertainment get's much better than this. Check out The Singing Waiters, watch their videos and you will see what I mean!

7. Garden Games

Great for summer weddings, even better if you have a lot of small humans attending. That said giant jenga is pretty hard to ignore as an adult too.

8. Sparklers & Fireworks Especially great for those winter weddings both sparklers and fireworks are an excellent way to entertain your guests, not only that you will always end up with epic images! Always check with your venue if you're considering this and to learn how to nail your sparkler send off click here.

9. Out of The Box Wedding Favours

A good wedding favour in general is a great way to level up your wedding, chose something a little quirky or slightly epic you could add that little bit extra to your wedding. Some great ones I have seen are personalised temporary tattoos, books, and even foam glow sticks (which make the dance floor look incredible!).

10. Disposable Cameras In some ways this is possibly the best entertainment as your guests won't only have fun snapping away, you are rewarded with images which you just know are going to be hysterical. Whether they are in focus or not that adds to it all right? A true way to entertain your guests and capture the day in a raw unfiltered form.

These are all great ways to level up your wedding at make those quiet moments on a wedding day a little more exciting. And if your looking for a person to capture all the epicness of your day feel free to hit that cool button below.

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