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A Night at The Museum | Bristol Museum Wedding

Husband and wife having an intimate moment infant of  large artwork


An extraordinary evening wedding held at the magnificent Bristol Museum. From a show stopping veil to a stunning bridal entrance, captivating styling, and a memorable choreographed dance, this wedding was an absolute delight to capture. Melissa and Craig's special day was super unique and was filled with so many special moments from beginning to end.

As it was an evening wedding back in March, I suggested a first look and couple portraits before the ceremony to make the most of the light, and truthfully I think it was one of the more beautiful parts of the day. The anticipation and excitement on their faces were priceless as they saw each other for the first time and was such a heartfelt moment.

Melissa's walk down the stairs was a moment of pure magic. Her veil looked enchanting and her real flower earrings from Forest and The Flowers were the cherry on top. The aisle was lit with soft candlelight , The choice of Bristol Museum as a wedding venue was nothing short of inspiring. The museum's captivating architecture and exquisite art pieces provided a great backdrop for the celebration. From ancient sculptures to contemporary paintings, the art seamlessly intertwined with the wedding's styling, creating a fusion of elegance and creativity. We made sure to capture the couple amidst these artful surroundings, resulting in stunning frames that merged love and artistic expression.


Melissa and Craig surprised their guests with a beautifully choreographed dance routine. It was a moment of pure joy and entertainment. I know learning a first dance routine isn't everyones cup of tea but from my experience they always get the energy going and set the tone for the rest of the evening. You only get to do it once right? So why not make it epic?


Florist and earrings - forest and the flowers: forestandtheflowers


Stylist - the little wedding helper: weddinghelperuk

The Cake Architect: cake_architect

Hair: blossomshairdressing


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