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A Wedding Photography Timeline

Just like fingerprints and snowflakes, there are no two weddings that are the same. However, a large majority of weddings follow a similar timeline. Below I have listed some considerations for the day and a timeline for each aspect of the day. This timeline is nothing more than a guide. It's not set in stone and it definitely doesn't need to be followed to the second. As a relaxed photographer who prioritises real moments over everything else, I wanted to write a blog about, a question I get asked nearly every time I meet with my couples.


Some Things To Consider

+ The style of the photographer: It's important to know the style of your photographer and how they operate. For example, I am a laidback documentary photographer who likes to let things unfold naturally. On the other hand, more traditional or editorial photographers may spend longer setting up certain photos thus meaning more time added to the timeline below.

+ Winter or Summer: Winter weddings = less light = earlier ceremony and vice versa with summer weddings. It's important to think about what time you have your ceremony especially considering the sun sets near enough at 4 in peak winter.

+ Put your dress on early: Too often do bridesmaids and brides put their dresses on in the last 5 minutes. Try putting your dress on 20 or even 30 minutes before leaving. This prevents a mad rush and gives you time to relax a little.

+ Group Shots: Keep the number of group shots to a maximum of 10. An essential part of the day, let's be honest, it's not often all family members are together in one place. That said no one wants to be standing around for 30+ minutes getting pictures. After all, it's a celebration, not a photoshoot.

+ Golden Hour: Photographers bang on about light and that's because great light = great pictures. In the moment it may be a pain if your photographer is asking you to step outside for a few pics while you have a catch-up beer with uncle Bob however, they're doing it for a reason. Once the good light is gone it's gone. Catch up with uncle Bob later, I promise the pictures it will be worth it!

Wedding Photography Timeline

Getting Ready (Bridal Prep): 1.5 Hours

Arrival Of The Guests: 30 Minutes

Ceremony: 20 - 40 Minutes

Group Pictures: 20 Minutes

Couple Portraits: 20 Minutes

Ceremony to Wedding Breakfast: 2 Hours

Speeches: 30 Minutes

Couple Portraits: 20 Minutes

First Dance & Party Pics: 40-60 Mins

Sparklers/Fireworks: 10 Minutes


I hope this was useful in one way or another. As I stated previously this is just a rough guide more of a visual aid than anything else. Have a look around the rest of my website and if you like the look you could even book me for your big day! Thanks, Pat


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