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Hello hello! What an incredible year 2022 was! My first year as a full-time wedding photographer. Still sounds pretty mad that I get to call this my job. Literally living the dream, taking pictures of you beautiful people for a living (well not all of you, Mum if you're reading, don't get married a forth time). This is probably one of the most exciting but hardest blogs to write. Seriously, it is nearly impossible to whittle down the hundreds of thousand images (literally!) into one blog post. I wish I could choose more than the 120 or so I have but there are only so many images people are willing to scroll through.

This year was one that had it all. From big weddings to really intimate ones, weddings abroad to local back gardens, festival weddings, luxury Manor Houses and everything in-between. Each and everyone as unique and as beautiful as the next. There were sparklers in mouths, champagne sprays, epic confetti cannons and even a shoey from a Birkenstock (it's below if you want to see it!). 46 weddings in total, and god knows how many miles driven, but some timeless memories both captured and made. BIG thank you to all my couples this year, you were all legends and I appreciate each and every one of you.

The images below are simply a review of the moments and stories I captured.

Ladies and gentleman have a scroll down - this is the class of 22.

Thanks for scrolling all the way down here to the bottom! If you like what you see and you want images like this for your own wedding click right HERE. Thanks again to everyone who helped make my 2022 incredible, here's to an even better 2023!


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