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Do You Need A Second Photographer?

Having a second photographer is always a good decision if you're having an extra large wedding (120+), wish to have both sides of the prep captured or even just wish to receive a wider variety of images and angles of your day. Having two photographers on the day ultimately results in a wider variety of images and greater coverage of the day. After all you will have 4 eyes observing your day not just 2. For example the second photographer on the day will be able to capture moments where I am doing portraits with you or taking group photos. Essentially more moments in the day will be captured.

A second photographer will be chosen by myself and will be someone who has similar value and style to me that way the photos work to create together to create one story.

Generally speaking if you have less than 100 guests and do not wish to have groom prep covered then a second photographer isn't needed.

The additional cost of a second photographer may be small in the grand scheme of things, but none the less is another cost on what can be a never ending spreadsheet of expenses. If you considering adding a second photographer or want to enquire then feel free to message me here. Thanks!


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