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Incredible Florals at Primrose Hill Farm

Primrose Hill Farm it is an absolute stunner of a venue. A modern farm venue, with a rustic yet sleek feel. The tall windows, modern interior and insane countryside views make this the perfect venue for couples looking for a relaxed countryside vibe with a touch of luxury.

Now then. Let's get onto how impressive the styling at Charlotte and Jamie's wedding was and more importantly how much of an incredible job Fabulous Flowers did. Seriously, if you are a fan of show stopping florals you're going to want to scroll down. This wedding was floral goals. Throw in a few candles, beautiful stationary and unique name place holders, Charlotte and Jamie had Primrose Hill Farm looking a solid 10/10. The day was a very relaxed yet fun and I could tell within the first 5 minutes that we were going to have a proper laugh! We were lucky enough to have some beautiful winter light in November and Primrose Hill Farm is one of those venues where you are spoiled for portrait locations. Just like in so many of my couple's cases Charlotte and Jamie weren't massively fond of having their picture taken but it's really not as daunting as you imagine. A couple of walks and a lot of laughs later, they smashed it! Anyway that's more than enough chat for one blog. I would love to go back to Primrose Hill Farm it is a great place for a wedding! If you're getting married there take a peek through these images and if you like them you know what to do.

DREAM TEAM Florist: Fabulous Flowers

Music: Andrew James - Eloise Prouse - Dance floor pros

Videographer: Libby blunt

Venue: Primrose Hill Farm Co-ordinator: Bride & Belle


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