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Engagement Shoots & Why You Need One

You've been Googling "wedding photographers near me" for a while and you keep seeing "engagement shoot", either included or as an extra - but do you need one? An engagement photoshoot is always recommended but definitely not essential and is simply a couple portrait session with your photographer (maybe in this case your photographer is me!). I believe every couple should have a pre-wedding couple shoot. They are low stress, fun photo sessions that capture a very exciting part of your life, taken at a place of your choice. That leads me onto where and when...

I always allow my couples to chose a time and place however, I usually have some recommendations too. For timing, afternoon or early morning work best as the light is pretty saucy during those hours!

As for location, this can be anywhere that you both feel comfortable or even a place that means something to you (your first date, favourite place to walk etc). If you don't have a location in mind I have some great places to suggest. Once we agree on a date and time, we meet up have a laugh and take some amazing pics!


"But we hate having our photo taken why would we want an engagement shoot too?" If you're asking that, here are three reasons why you should have one.

1) You get a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera

2) We get to meet and get to know each other a little bit better (It's also a good chance to speak about your wedding day too)

3) You get some lovely pictures that could then be used for invitations and shared with family & friends


Believe it or not nearly all of my couples aren't massive fans of being in front of the camera, and let's be honest why would you? it can be pretty daunting at first and may seem unnatural to you. But that's exactly why these sessions are perfect! If you've read a little bit about myself and how I shoot you should recognise I am a very laid back chap and although we are on a "photoshoot" it's anything but that. Think of it as three mates going for a walk, telling stories and having laugh. Luckily this mate you're with is alright at taking a pictures. I promise you it's not as daunting as you may imagine and if anything you will find it fun! Once the session is finished you will feel a lot more relaxed around the camera and be even more excited for your day - trust me I've seen it.


If we haven't met before or even if we've only met virtually, these sessions are great for us to get to know each other a little bit more. This photoshoot allows us to understand each other better and always results in better images on your wedding day as you guys feel much more comfortable around me. This is also a great time for us to chat about your wedding and pick my brain about any recommendations or questions you may have.

BEAUTIFUL PICS - SAVE THE DATE At the end of this fun filled walk with your new best mate you won't only feel a lot more relaxed and happy about being in front of the camera, you will also now have a beautiful set of images that you can share with family and friends, print for inside the house or even use for save the dates. Luckily your online gallery has it's very own store where you can edit and purchase your save the date letters directly.

That's pretty much it! If you would like an engagement shoot or even want me to capture your wedding day hit that cool looking button below and let's have a chat!


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