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Sandy Cove Hotel - Paul & Debbie

Finally getting around to blogging this wedding from this absolute banger of a venue! Although I used to teach English I'm not the best at writing and in fact, I find it harder to do than most things in life. So if you do spot a hick-up in grammar or a spelling mistake feel free to skip the info and have a gander at the pics. Paul, Debbie and their nearest and dearest were able to go ahead with their North Devon wedding almost as planned, fewer guests of course. Luckily the low thick fog that hadn't budged for 24 hours prior to the ceremony vanished just in time. A Sandy Cove wedding without the view just wouldn't have been the same!

The day was extremely relaxed, bridal hair was done by Debbie herself with help from her daughter Kim, no formal pics and my favourite, a couple of caterpillar cakes. I do love the craziness a wedding day brings but considering how crazy the whole year has been it was nice to attend a more intimate relaxed occasion.

Anyway, that seems like enough writing for one week. If you're thinking of getting married at Sandy Cove Hotel chuck me a message. It was nice to head south for a couple of days, plus I wouldn't mind doing the sea safari.


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